You hear that? That's the sound of galloping horses! 🏁🐎 Get into the Kentucky Derby spirit with this LIVE Julep Recipe: - 1 part LIVE Livin Lime Soda - 1 part Kentucky Bourbon - Lots of crushed ice - Fresh mint . . . . . . . . Directions: Fill Derby glass or Julep cup with crushed ice. Pour half a bottle of LIVE Soda over ice and fill remainder with Bourbon. Garnish generously with mint. . . . . . . . . Note: The mint here is placed into the drink (not muddled) as it's there for aroma. You taste with all senses and the smell of the mint is a critical component. . . . . . . . . Fun Fact: LIVE Soda's Chief Operations Officer is an official Kentucky Colonel (commissioned by the governor) and personally gave this recipe the "A-Ok👌!"

Ending the weekend on a high note with this Gut Healthy Vanilla Root Beer Float from our friends over at NadaMoo! 🙌😍 Recipe: - (2) 4oz scoops of NadaMoo! Vanilla…Ahhh Ice Cream - ½ bottle Revive Root Beer LIVE Kombucha *Scoop NadaMoo! into a cup and top with LIVE Kombucha!*

Nothing pairs better with the weekend than a refreshing drink. So here's a little cocktail we put together to battle the hot weather that's now upon us. (Feel free to enjoy with or without the vodka. It's tasty both ways!) 🍹😎☀️ Ginger Vodka Highball - 3 oz LIVE Sparkling Ginger Kombucha - 1 1/2 oz Vodka - 3/4 oz Lime juice - 2 Tsp Simple syrup - Lime wedge - Ice

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